Every year, thousands of quartets and choruses worldwide spend countless hours rehearsing and preparing for district, national, and international level competitions hosted around the world for the chance of being crowned champions.

Whether you're competing in a group yourself, or perhaps enjoying watching others vie for the crown, competitions offer a chance to experience the thrill of victory and witness world class barbershop harmony being sung at the highest level by some of the most dedicated singers you'll ever see.

The Barbershop Harmony Society's competition is rich and unique. Once a quartet wins the coveted gold medal at the International Competition, that quartet officially retires from competition, allowing for a brand new champion each year. And once a chorus wins the gold, that chorus must sit out for the following two years before being elegible to compete again.
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Collegiate Quartet Competition
Quartets consisting of members 25 years of age or younger

Youth chorus competition
The Society's fastest growing competition, held each year at Midwinter

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