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Barbershop Harmony Society Districts

CAR, Cardinal District

Website | CAR Bulletins

CSD, Central States District

Website | CSD Bulletins

DIX, Dixie District

Website, and DIX Bulletins

EVG, Evergreen District

Website | EVG Newsletter

FWD, Far Western District

Website | FWD Bulletins

Ill, Illinois District

JAD, Johnny Appleseed District

Website | JAD Bulletins

LOL, Land O Lakes District

MAD, Mid-Atlantic District

NED, Northeastern District

NSC, Carolinas District

Website | NSC Bulletins

ONT, Ontario District

PIO, Pioneer District

RMD, Rocky Mountain District

Website (and RMD Bulletins)

SLD, Seneca Land District

Website | SLD Bulletin "Smoke Signals"

SUN, Sunshine District

SWD, Southwestern District

Website | SWD Bulletins

Chapters/Choruses outside of the United States/Canada

The Barbershop Harmony Society is proud of its Affiliates from all over the world. Search for groups in: Australia, Great Britain, Germany, The Netherlands, Finland, Ireland, New Zealand, Sweden, and This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .
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