Ragtime Gals Serenade Billy Joel

Written by Annaliese Griffin Wednesday, 14 May 2014 17:40
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Sing Us a Song, You’re the Story Man

When you think about it, Jimmy Fallon is kind of old-fashioned. He writes thank you notes. He’s a gracious host. He sings in a barbershop quartet. In fact, he and his three other songsters recently serenaded Billy Joel at Madison Square Garden, singing Happy Birthday to the piano man with an audience of 20,000. What does a barbershop singer during their off hours? Well, if you’re Tom Shillue, when you’re not singing four-part harmony on The Tonight Show you tour with Jim Gaffigan and you host Funny Story at the Brooklyn Brewery. Come to think of it, storytelling is also sort of old-fashioned, though these stories are anything but stodgy. This month’s line-up is an all-comedian sweep with Baron Vaughn, Ann Carr, Adam Newman, Jamie Greenberg and Dave Juskow. If you like to laugh, you’d be nuts not to come to this show. Your $10 ticket gets you a night of storytelling and a beer.

Minnesota Twins Jump On the Barbershop Bandwagon

Written by Administrator Friday, 25 April 2014 13:49

Once again, filed in the "OF COURSE" category, here comes a story about a pitching crew for a Major League Baseball team jumping on the Barbershop bandwagon to light a fire of support from their fan base.

Try to find some bigger mustaches next time, guys.

Paul Teska's Story

Written by Administrator Thursday, 24 April 2014 20:20

Is it the joy derived from singing tags late into the night? Is it the satisfaction of delivering a well-executed competition set? Or is there something more? Is it actually about those who sit on the other side of the footlights?

For Paul Teska, this perspective became a dying man's passion, a mission to share the gift of singing with as many people as possible in what little time he has left. The Harmony Foundation hopes this story of life, legacy, mortality, and the enduring gift of music will both uplift and inspire you.

This video was captured and edited by Shawn York for Harmony Foundation.


Here's to the NEXT 75 years

Written by Administrator Thursday, 10 April 2014 21:03

The Barbershop Harmony Society concludes its 75th Anniversary year on April 11, 2014. We would like to thank all the many Barbershoppers, friends, families, and audience members who celebrated with us through the many events and through countless songs of celebration.

We have been proudly making music together for now over 75 years, and if you think the first 75 years has been exciting, wait until you see what's next!


Chinese Pop Music Superstar Sings Barbershop With Family

Written by Administrator Thursday, 27 March 2014 13:52

Who is Wang Leehom?

Chinese superstar Wang Leehom may not be a household name in the States, but rest assured he is a widely recognized figure in Chinese pop culture. He is a Chinese-American singer-songwriter, music producer, actor, and film director. Known as the "King of Chinese Pop", Leehom has repeatedly revolutionized the Chinese pop music scene with his evolving blend of pop, rock, jazz, hip-hop, R&B, classical, and traditional Chinese music ranging from aboriginal folk music to Beijing opera. The best-selling Mandarin-language musician of his generation, Leehom came to prominence as a teen idol at the age of 19 and has since released 15 solo studio albums and contributed to dozens more.

A brand new audience of several million was just exposed to a Barbershop classic

A video clip surfaced on Leehom's official Facebook page that itself enjoys over 1.7 million Likes. The clip features Leehom and his family at a recent gathering singing one of our standard beloved pieces of music, Sweet and Lovely (words/music by Norm Starks, arranged by Mac Huff). Enjoy the clip below:

Purchase this arrangement now!

Once again, Barbershop proves itself as an extremely entertaining and endearing artform that seems to have no cultural boundaries. KEEP THE WHOLE WORLD SINGING!
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Ragtime Gals Serenade Billy Joel
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Minnesota Twins Jump On the Barbershop Bandwagon
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