For those of you who have "a performance at Carnegie Hall" on your bucket list, getting to perform at Carnegie Hall may be as easy as the old adage: Practice, Practice, Practice!

Who: Calling all male barbershoppers, age 30 and under

Where: Carnegie Hall - Stern Auditorium (the main hall) - 57th St. & 7th Ave. New York City

When: Monday, December 26, 2011 - all-day rehearsal, 7:30pm showtime

What: Carnegie Hall will be producing a USA-Japan Goodwill Concert (free admission) which will feature a Youth Barbershop Chorus comprised of singers from all over the US and Canada, under the direction of Joe Cerutti (Alexandria Harmonizers) with Prestige (2011 International Collegiate Quartet Champions) and Tim Waurick (Vocal Spectrum - 2006 International Quartet Champions) and many other special guests. The concert will also feature a joint performance with the youth chorus and a 3-time gold medal 100-piece youth orchestra from Japan.

Why: Why not?! In addition to performing on one of the most renowned staged in the world, Carnegie Hall will be using this event as a fundraiser for organizations that directly help people affected by the earthquake and tsunamis that struck Japan. Even though admission is free, the event will be open to donations. (When the Alexandria Harmonizers performed there in May for a similar event, the event raised $200,000 for the Japan relief effort.)

How: Bring your collegiate quartet or youth chorus, in part or full. Individual singers are also welcome! Participants will prepare 5-6 songs (one of which will be a back up to Tim Waurick singing a solo), via learning tracks by Tim Waurick and choreography by Cindy Hansen Ellis. The chorus will be expected to arrive NYC the morning of the 26th, rehearse all day, and perform that night. Arrangements for hotel, food, and busing will be arranged for a nominal fee. Participants will have to be able to learn songs and choreography without formal rehearsals, and will be tested in octets upon arrival in NYC.

For more information please contact Joe Cerutti at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or call 703-401-7114.

Make sure your state/chapter/district is represented!