Ringmasters, 2012 International Quartet Champion

Congratulations to Ringmasters, our very first Affiliate quartet champion!

Ringmasters made history in Portland by becoming the very first quartet from a Society affiliate to win the coveted quartet gold medal. Travelling all the way from Stockholm, Sweden, Ringmasters combined virtuosic singing with championship-level entertainment and youthful energy to bring back a Gold medal for the Society of Nordic Barbershop Singers (SNOBS) Affiliate.

Ringmasters made their Society contest debut competing in the International Collegiate Quartet Contest first at the 2007 Denver International Convention, and then returning in 2008 to win the Collegiate gold medal in Nashville. They also competed in the International Quartet Contest that same year advancing to the semifinal round. In 2009 in Anaheim, they won a 4th place Bronze medal, and in 2010 in Philadelphia they won a 3rd place Bronze medal. After taking a year off in 2011, they returned triumphantly in 2012 to win the Gold medal in Portland.

Ringmasters is tenor Jakob Stenberg, lead Rasmus Krigström, baritone Emanuel Roll, and bass Martin Wahlgren.


Ambassadors of Harmony

Congratulations to our new chorus champion, the mighty Ambassadors of Harmony!

Under the direction of Jim Henry, this is the third gold medal for the Ambassadors of Harmony, having already won the coveted gold medal in 2004 and in 2009.

Lemon Squeezy, 2012 International Collegiate Quartet Champion

Congrats to Lemon Squeezy who captured the gold medal after travelling all the way from Stockholm, Sweden!

Lemon Squeezy is tenor Alexander Löfstedt, lead Victor Nilsson, baritone Jonathan von Döbeln, and bass Martin Jangö.

Amazingly Mathematical Music

Originally posted at http://news.wustl.edu/news/Pages/23890.aspx

When he listens to music, math department chair David Wright hears connections to many branches of mathematics.

During the day, David L. Wright, PhD, is chairman of the mathematics department in Arts & Sciences at Washington University in St. Louis; at night, he is assistant director of Ambassadors of Harmony, a men's a cappella chorus that has won international competitions.

Math and music might seem a strange combination to some. Certainly many famous performers are able to bring audiences to their feet without once thinking about ratios or anything else overtly mathematical. But Wright always has been gifted with an unusual, even eerie, ability to hear both the music and the math simultaneously.

He recalls, as a child, being brought up short one day by an unusual chord. Continue reading...
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