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You can discover many other Groupanizer features and benefits during a free trial. Dozens of barbershop groups and other music groups say Groupanizer makes everyone more informed and productive. A chapter subscription is inexpensive and worth every penny.

Getting the best out of your chapter can be complicated! Getting everyone on the same page and focused on a common goal takes great leadership, a compelling vision, and a lot of communication. Everyone needs to know where the group is going and how they fi t into that goal. We believe Groupanizer will make it easier!

-Rick Spencer, Society Director of Operations

"Groupanizer replaces multiple isolated tools and automates many tasks for our team, but I'm most excited by Groupanizer's extensible platform. Groupanizer will host our new public web site and integrated online store, and soon after, we'll add a customer relationship management system."
—Jeff Aldrich, Webmaster, Great Northern Union